The Secret Weapon to Success


Lesson 6: Hold Yourself Accountable

How many times have you given up on you? Taking responsibility for your actions also means taking responsibility for your lack of actions. Holding yourself accountable for your actions is a significant factor to reaching your goals.

If you are looking to lose weight to simply feel better or look better, start out by setting SMART goals, set realistic expectations for yourself and what your body can handle if you are just starting out. Then devise a plan to help you reach your goal with specific targets in mind, and see how your body responds to the plan through feedback (loss of weight, feeling better, increased confidence, etc.).

The harder you work towards something (say fat loss), the harder it is to give it up or quit. If you put nothing into loosing the weight, it is very easy to walk away. More importantly if there’s no personal confrontation, there’s no toughening, no personal growth. The key to success and achieving your wildest dreams almost always comes down to getting comfortable at being uncomfortable, that’s how you make progress.

Simple ways to hold yourself accountable that you can take action on today!

1. Hire a coach- involve people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals quicker. There’s simply no quicker way to achieving your goals than to hire an expert. I have three business coaches and two fitness coaches…may seem like overkill, but I accomplish a lot at an accelerated rate J

2. Put it in writing- write out your goals, write out your daily activities, your food intake, etc. This allows you to track and measure how you are progressing and taking a closer look at what’s working and what isn’t.

3. Emphasize a sense of urgency- what are you waiting for? What are the barriers preventing you from achieving your goals? Having a sense of urgency about your desired results puts it at the front of your brain, it becomes a priority and nothing will get in your way. Health is an urgent need and I would venture to say that feeling better within a month versus 3 years sounds a lot more promising and appealing! Internalize the priority.

4. Be committed- No more “if, but, and when” statements. Make the commitment to yourself, your health and your longevity. Being consistent and persistent will help hold yourself accountable to your goals. Protect your most prized investment, YOU!

5. Be specific about your end results- If you start out of the gate with unrealistic expectations, you are just setting yourself up to fail. The best thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself up for success so that you gain the confidence and ability to achieve bigger goals in the future!

6. Reward your achievements- it is important to reward your accomplishments no matter how big or small. Recognize and congratulate yourself when you achieve a good performance, personal bests, or when you made a healthier meal choice. Small victories speak volumes to overall success and progress.

7. Be your own authority- you may lose track or get overwhelmed at times and that is okay, know that mistakes allow for proper insight to get you closer to your destination. Welcome mistakes with open arms; they are your greatest learning tools.

8. Embrace your social status- your friends and family are also great ways to check in to keep you accountable. Share your goals and what you are trying to accomplish with them so that you have built in support. Friends and family are great ways to keep you on track!

I hope this article helps you stay on track and gets you closer to your goals. Remember if you want to make a change, nobody but you can do it. Set out to make good behaviors contagious and keep at it.

To your results,

Christine Wilborn

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